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Taking good care of your pet means feeding them the best quality food available. Here you can find information and great deals on a wide variety of quality pet foods.

Navigating the Huge Variety of Different Dog Foods

If you had a family dog growing up, your pet may have had a diet of table scraps or bagged kibble. Now, more dog owners are trying to feed their dogs healthy and nutritious foods. The pet food aisles are bursting with so many options it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the brands. Dogs have individual needs, and dog foods aren't one-size-fits-all. Before selecting a diet type for your dog, you need to consider several factors such as: • How old is your dog? He may require special nutrien...


Tips for Choosing the Best Supplies for Your Pet

The pet market is a billion-dollar industry, with surveys estimating Americans spend over $55 billion on their pets each year. There are so many treats, toys, beds, dog food and supplies that it can be overwhelming to know what you need for your pet. It can be difficult to know what your dog really needs now and what can wait until later. Basics and Comfort Three things your dog will certainly need are a collar, leash and identification tags. Many cities have leash laws, so a leash and collar are necessit...


Tips for Feeding Your Pet Parrot

It's feeding time at the aviary. But you're a new parrot owner and you're wondering what do I feed my parrot? How often does he eat? How do I go about feeding my parrot? Well, wonder no more, here's the how to in proper parrot feeding. What To Feed Your Parrot First of all you can't just feed your parrot bird seed. Even a good bird seed. They need a diet that consists of a good seed, pellets, and fruits and vegetables as well. You will need to know what your particular species of parrot is to really know ...


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